The Illusion of Life
(Sensory Interaction, Jan 2013 - Jun 2013)

'The Illusion of Life' is an experimental work of creating a sensory illusion of life by impersonating human respiratory organ as an audible set of interactions - facilitating strong bonds of communication and connection between the user and a machine. The machine gives an impression of human whispering by mimicking the intricacies of human physiology: Breath temperature, humidity, smell, and vocal qualities. It augments emotional subtleties and imprints them onto our senses - such as confidentiality, love and threat.

Current technology is overly high-resolution oriented, such things as retina display, Ultra HD TV, and Hi-Fi audio systems. However, modern technology is already capable of producing high-tech products which have more resolutions than human sensory organs are able to recognise. In this regard, this project investigates what the task of the next technology is, how future technology would interact with human senses.

It aims to explore a fundamental aspect of what it means to be alive when technology starts to replicate it beyond practical physicality, and how people would perceive the betrayal of the senses where the cognitive presence is not generated from life-forms, but from the machine materialised by un-seemingly non-human, dry and rigid hardware.

The machine synchronises the vocal qualities with an artificially-made human breath.

Respiratory Components
1,2 Ambu bags
3,4 Silicon air valves
5 Humidity control unit
6 Temperature control unit

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